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Dry Winter Hair? It's Winter Foods to the Rescue! - HER Hair by Elena

Dry Winter Hair? It’s Winter Foods to the Rescue!

Want to hear something incredible? It snowed just outside of Los Angeles in early November. And when we say it snowed, we don’t mean just a sprinkle; it really came down and almost brought traffic to a halt!

Temperatures dropped steeply, too, making it one of the coolest days we’ve seen around these parts in a very long time.

If you’ve been suffering from dry, dull, hard-to-manage winter hair as a result of all this wild weather, take heart. You aren’t doomed to bad hair, nor do you need to hibernate until spring when the heat comes back.

Instead, give one of these incredible, hair-health-boosting winter foods a try.

Get ready to say “YUM!”

Warm Up a Bowl of Oatmeal

Nothing is more comforting than a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cool day – especially if you’re just waking up. It takes only minutes to whip up and you can add virtually any flavor to it: brown sugar, blueberries, strawberries, bananas or whatever you like.

It turns out oatmeal is actually pretty great for your winter hair, too; it’s packed with omega-3s and iron. Both of these ingredients are involved in hair growth and scalp health, but omega also helps keep strands soft and shiny, too.

Want another great reason to indulge in this one? Oatmeal also contains a ton of fiber and protein. It’ll help you stay full and energized all day long (no snacking involved). What’s not to love about that?

Fish, Delicious Oily Fish

Sometimes, dry hair can be a sign that you’re suffering from a lack of amino acids and healthy fats (e.g, omega-3 and omega-6). One of the best sources of these important nutrients is oily fish. This category includes mackerel, sardines, salmon, trout, eel, kippers, and even tuna.

Adding more oily fish to your diet might help your hair stay thick, healthy, and glossy all winter long.

But there is one caveat: how you cook it matters. Baking, broiling, or making a chowder is best; it keeps healthy fats in. Steaming is also great because there’s no need to add in extra oils or fats.

Don’t have a ton of time to cook? Eating fish (e.g, tuna) from a can is still okay, but the level of amino acids may not be quite as high. To ameliorate this concern, look for products that say “high in omega-3” right on the label.

Sprinkle Some Cinnamon

Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting outside as a gentle snow falls. In your hands sits a cup of extra-rich hot chocolate with a layer of whipped cream. On the very top: a gentle sprinkling of cinnamon – perfect for the holidays.

Dry Winter Hair? It's Winter Foods to the Rescue! - HER Hair by Elena

While there isn’t much in that hot chocolate that can help your hair, that extra sprinkle of cinnamon just might be what works. It improves circulation and oxygenation throughout the body, and that helps your scalp feed more nutrients into your hair.

The caveat? Don’t expect immediate results – but do watch your hair for steady improvement. It’s the kind of fix that’s more likely to result in stronger growth in the future, rather than improvement right now.

Love Leafy Greens Even More

The same old superfoods we all know and love – broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, rainbow chard, and romaine – can also keep your hair healthy. That’s because they contain a ton of iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. All of these influence the health of your scalp and the strength of your hair as it grows.

Salads are a great option, here, but if you’re feeling sick of them, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Romaine lettuce wraps with baked chicken are fun, as is broccoli paired with a great low-fat cheese sauce or hummus dip.

And in the case of spinach, chard, and other large-scale leaves, you can always add them in pieces to soups, stews, or pasta dishes for extra oomph.

Oh How Sweet a Potato Can Be!

Is there anything more indicative of Thanksgiving and the holidays than sweet potato pie? Okay – maybe turkey (more on THAT in a moment), but there’s no denying the deliciousness of the sweet potato in the right dish.

Hair-wise, sweet potatoes also contain some pretty spectacular nutrients: omega-3s, Vitamins C, E, and A, beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, niacin, copper… you name it and the simple sweet potato has it! ALL of these benefit hair growth directly and indirectly while also improving health.

Now, to be a little realistic… sweet potato pie probably isn’t the best way to indulge in this one. At the end of the day, it is high in sugar. Bake or mash your sweets with just a dash of unpasteurized honey instead – it’s delicious and healthier, too.

Nibble on Carrots

We’ve all been told for years that carrots are good for us and that they have the power to improve eyesight. That’s mostly because they’re packed with Vitamins C and A. They’re also super-versatile and perfect for baking, smoothies, or even just munching on raw as you go about your day.

Your hair can benefit from more carrots, too, largely because Vitamin A and C both increase cellular reproduction. This stimulates hair growth and helps to ensure that new growth is strong, resilient, and shiny, too.

It’s Turkey Time!

Whether you have it only at Christmas or you just love the occasional shredded turkey sandwich, eating this superfood packs a double whammy.

Turkey is loaded with protein, yet low in harmful fats; you’ll stay full and satiated while giving your hair (and body) what it needs to self-repair, too. In some ways, it’s almost the perfect food!

Dry Winter Hair? It's Winter Foods to the Rescue! - HER Hair by Elena

As far as your hair grows, though, the real secret is those proteins. Hair is literally made of protein, and if you don’t take enough in via your diet, strands can start to become dry and brittle as new growth comes in. Your hair may even break off close to the scalp faster than it otherwise would.

So go ahead and enjoy a little poultry this year – we won’t even tell if you follow it with a little extra gravy at the same time. Your secret is safe!

Get Nutty Over Nuts and Seeds

What do hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, poppy seeds, pine nuts, and sunflower seeds have in common? All are jam-packed with omegas that directly influence hair shine and softness. Proteins found within them can also make hair stronger and less likely to experience breakage.

Nuts and seeds also contain a long list of other nutrients that have been shown to reduce inflammation at or around the scalp. If you suffer from dandruff, dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, or other similar conditions, you may find that increasing them in your diet helps to reduce your symptoms at the same time.

Not really into nibbling on nuts? There are other ways to get your fill. Try sugar-free nut spreads with a dash of coconut on gluten-free toast. Or, add them to your next salad for extra crunch and a blast of flavor depth.

So Long Dry Winter Hair

Who would’ve guessed these winter foods would rescue our precious locks against winter’s inevitable weather?! During this holiday season, let’s all be grateful for these beneficial foods!

Dry Winter Hair? It's Winter Foods to the Rescue! - HER Hair by Elena

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