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Love is in the Hair Hairdreams Hair Extensions - HER Hair by Elena

Love is in the Hair: Why I Love Hairdreams Hair Extensions

There once was a woman who had a dream… a dream in which her hair was long, flowing, thick, and voluminous like a shampoo commercial. Gone were flyaways, thin, scraggly ends, and the need to wait years for that Disney princess hair. This is a familiar dream, isn’t it? Most women wish for better hair at some point throughout their lives. And whether it’s longer, thicker, or just different you’re after, I believe Hairdreams Hair Extensions can help.

The truth is that I adore Hairdreams Hair Extensions for so many reasons. And it being Valentine’s Day, I want to share some of that love with you today.

Laserbeamer NANO System

This high-tech sounding term actually refers to the way Hairdreams extensions integrate with natural hair. Unlike regular extensions, which are temporary at best, Hairdreams locks integrate seamlessly and permanently with your natural strands.

How this works is really something special. Hair is loaded into the specialized NANO system tool. With the click of the button, it adheres to natural hair with a permanent crystal polymer bond that sits flush to the scalp. It’s barely visible and almost impossible to even feel in the hair unless you know what you’re looking for.

Anyone who has ever worn clip-in extensions knows exactly why having extensions that blend in well is so important!

Love is in the Hair: Hairdreams Hair Extensions - HER Hair by Elena

Hair is Super Durable

Sometimes, clients worry if their hair extensions can keep up with them. The same is true for women who spend a lot of time outdoors or otherwise exposed to the elements.

But Hairdreams selects each strand hair-by-hair for durability and quality. Once bonded to your natural hair, you can trust it to behave just like normal hair would – no unusual tearing, breaking, or splittage.

Easy to Install

Traditional extensions can take hours, or even multiple sessions, to fully integrate into a client’s hair. This isn’t the case with Hairdreams Hair Extensions. They install lightning fast because the special tool applies up to five NANO strands at a time.

Your service is complete in so little time that you might find yourself wondering why you didn’t book a second service! I recommend a deep condition or maybe a few dimensional foils to really take your look to the next level.

Style Hair However You Want

Some extensions aren’t compatible with heat or color processing. Not true for Hairdreams Hair Extensions! Because they’re made from only the highest quality human hair hand-selected for quality, you can manipulate them into virtually any desired style.

Highlight them, balayage them, foilyage them, add babylights, color them, curl them, or just pull them up into a super-tight chignon for work. They won’t break, behave differently, or go awry.

Incredible Volume-Boosting Power

One of the worst-kept secrets (mostly because we all keep talking about it) in the styling world is the fact that Hairdreams extensions do such an incredible job of adding volume. The NANO strand system really creates so much dimension and life without ever looking tacky or strange. This is key for people who want to adjust body without necessarily changing the overall structure or appearance of their hair.

Love is in the Hair: Hairdreams Hair Extensions - HER Hair by Elena

They’re Super Adjustable

Hairdreams extensions are super adjustable. If they grow out too far or you just don’t like the placement, it’s quick and easy to adjust them in a single appointment to reshape and restructure your hair. This makes them the perfect option for the fickle-hearted, the playful, and anyone else who just loves to mix it up!

Hair is Reusable

The high quality level of Hairdreams extensions makes them perfectly reusable. What that means is that in a lot of cases, once they grow out, they can be removed, trimmed, and placed back into the hair all over again. The initial cost may be higher than cheaper alternatives, but you’ll save as time goes on – and that’s super.

No Specific Length or Cut Required

There’s a common misconception that women with shorter hair (say, three to four inches long) can’t wear extensions. And some people think extensions just don’t look good on hair that’s any shorter than the shoulders. This does have some basis in reality because most extensions just aren’t designed for use in such little hair.

Not so for Hairdreams Hair Extensions! In fact, the special NANO technology makes them absolutely perfect for adding volume and dimension to thinner, shorter hair. So, you can totally rock an amped-up fauxhawk if you want without worrying about having any visible tracks.

Cut to Specifications

Speaking of cuts, it’s also possible to cut Hairdreams strands after or before an application. The most common reasons I might do this include helping you get a specific style, adjusting your cut to suit your face, or even just helping you secure that incredible look you saw on America’s Next Top Model makeovers.

For example, I can add strands and then cut them into a long inverted bob or lots of layers. I can even create a fringe bang or side bang from them. They blend so perfectly with natural hair, there are no obvious differences – just great hair.

No Damage

Last but not least, every stylist’s favorite side effect: Hairdreams extensions are virtually damage free. That’s because the application tip is so infinitesimally thin and flexible. Extensions move and flex with your hair just as if they were a part of it in the first place (part of the reason they style so well). You can toss your hair up into a bun, wear it down, and brush it normally without worrying about the extension OR the surrounding hair accidentally pulling too much – or worse yet, tearing.

This flexible tip also makes applying and removing Hairdreams extensions virtually pain-free. It melts down super easily upon application, and simply slides out during the removal process. No hassle, no fuss. Just relax, sit back, and enjoy.

Love is in the Hair Hairdreams Hair Extensions - HER Hair by Elena


Feeling curious? I can help you achieve your Hairdreams and goals. Just reach out and schedule a free consultation to start your journey.

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