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Keratin Treatment and Hair Smoothing Solutions

Do you know the hair smoothing solutions, that provide frizz-free and healthy hair – even if you process your strands, use heat, or color your hair often? It isn’t expensive extensions, a bond new cut, or even an incredibly high-priced treatment. All you need to de-frizz and get hair that looks as good as it feels is a little keratin injection.

Stressed Tresses? It's Keratin to the Rescue!

Hair shafts are mostly made up of a combination of keratin and other proteins. These substances make your hair more resilient and resistant to damage. But if your hair is curly, coarse, or damaged, the keratin content within can become depleted. This leaves hair looking and feeling dry, frizzy, uneven, or even a little bit deformed.

Each unique treatment works in a slightly different manner, but nearly all keratin treatments have the same base effect. Elena applies synthetic or natural keratin onto the hair shaft, where it instantly bonds to existing keratin in hair. This creates a seal around the outside of the cuticle while also eliminating splits, flyaways, and frizz.

From Simple Fixes to Complex Repairs

A keratin treatment is extremely customizable; nearly each one can be adjusted to suit the needs of the client. This is ideal because it helps resolve hair problems without risking over-keratinization or causing further damage.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

If you just need a little helping hand, ask about keratin-rich deep conditioning treatments. Elena will apply the solution or formula after a wash, leaving it in for around half an hour. After a quick rinse, you have options: let it dry naturally (best for when your issues are minimal or you have curly hair you want to keep), or blow-dry and flat-iron it straight for maximum effect. The choice is up to you.

Brazilian Blowouts

If you’ve been struggling with damage for months, or you want to go from curly to straight, a full Brazilian Blowout may be best. This advanced multi-step process uses an innovative, keratin-based bonding solution to re-form the bonds in your hair and totally seal up the cuticle from root to tip. This process may take an entire afternoon, but you’ll be left with results that last for up to six months at a time.

Supersilk Treatments

Sometimes, the issue is not damage, but undesirable volume, frizz, or weak spots. A Supersilk treatment bonds proteins to the hair shaft in a patented nanotechnology process that ensures they reach deep inside the cuticle. This hair smoothing solution reduces that fluffy, frazzled look, to produce beautiful hair that flows, bounces, and moves as if it grew like that naturally from day one. You can expect results to last up to 12 weeks at a time, although it’s common for them to last much longer.


A keratin treatment can also be used proactively to prevent hair from becoming deficient in the first place – and Olaplex is a great example. Rather than applying it directly to your hair to fix damage, Elena will infuse it into an existing process (like color or highlights). It instantly goes to work to replace any proteins you lose as a result of the chemicals in the process and locks new color in place, too. You’re left with shinier, smoother, healthier looking hair that holds vibrancy far longer between sessions.

Trissola Solo

The benefits of keratin proteins go way beyond simple repairs – especially when it comes to Trissola Solo. This product’s main goal is to soften hair and add shine without necessarily breaking bonds or restructuring your curl pattern. It’s gentle, so it won’t cause damage (unlike chemical straighteners). Yet, hydrolyzed keratin formula is robust enough to take dull, limp, or lifeless hair from drab to fab. Results last up to three months at a time for most, but may last even longer on straight hair.

Cezanne Classic

Cezanne Classic works very similar to Trissola Solo; it produces softer, shinier hair without breaking disulfide bonds, too. But many people prefer it for its greater ability to reduce curl and keep hair straight. Cezanne is also incredible at removing frizz and detangling, too, especially if your tangles stem from having parched, overly porous hair that desperately needs moisture. You can expect results to last three months.

Is a Keratin Treatment Right For You?

The real answer is yes – probably. Whether you’re curly and you want to stay that way or you want to go bone-straight, there is a keratin treatment available to help you achieve your goals. All you have to do is reach out and put your faith in Elena.

As a Master Stylist and Master Colorist, Elena has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your hair smoothing goals. Schedule your free consultation today and see first-hand how great hair improves your confidence!

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Keratin Treatment and Hair Smoothing Solutions - HER Hair by Elena

I was referred to Elena and I was nervous to try a new hairstylist. Our first consultation was an eye opening experience. She listened to my ideas and gave me her expert option. I appreciated her honestly and believe she had my hair's best interest.

She was able to take out the red dye and turn me into a blonde. I never thought I could have healthy long blonde hair before her. She is talented and very patient with me. I definitely recommend to call and book an appointment with Elena Rosas!!!

Los Angeles, CA

When I first went to Elena I had never colored my hair because there was never anyone I was able to trust with that responsibility. The first few times I went with her I just got cuts until I started to see her work. I took the chance and allowed her to do her "magic" on my hair & I am so happy that I did. I have not once been disappointed. She is 100% honest and refuses do a session on your hair that will damage your hair in one sitting.

When I first wanted my hair colored I showed her a color that was about 5x lighter than my actual hair color and she refused to do it in one sitting because it would damage my hair tremendously. I wasn't upset I was glad that she was honest because majority of stylists will do it in one session which makes hair look very unhealthy. She is unlike any stylist out there, she is an incredible woman with a whole lot of talent who knows her job better than anyone I know! I love Elena, she's the BEST!!

Santa Paula, CA

I drove an hour and a half round trip to have Elena fix some highlights-gone-awry and a haircut that I knew was off but was too afraid to be critical of it. Rome can't be built in a day but she wisely suggested a gradual route towards fixing and moving towards what I'm sure will turn out to be perfectly natural highlights and a great cut that just needs a little time to grow into itself.

If you want wonderfully natural highlighted hair, you can tell by her pictures & Instagram that she completely knows what she's doing! She's so skilled at her craft and she takes your hair seriously - both its health and color and what you're able to keep up. Go to Elena if you are looking to take your color to the next level and not just settle for what is typically offered; she does a great job!

Santa Barbara, CA