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Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles - HER Hair by Elena

Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles

The holidays are upon us – and so is the season of fun and incredible Christmas hairstyles. Christmas is really a time to go all out and show off your tresses, but that isn’t always easy if you lack the know-how or just plain can’t find anything you like.

If you can relate, I want to give you a little gift. Here’s 12 joy-inspiring DIY tutorials you’re sure to adore.

1. 2-Minute French Roll

Need something that really makes a statement, but don’t have a lot of skill or time on your hands?

Set yourself up for a merrier Christmas with this two-minute French Roll style from Easy Hairstyles. Just roll, tuck, and pin the hair as shown in the video; then, add in whichever decorative elements suit your fancy.

2. Beautiful Milkmaid Braids

This hairstyle effortlessly combines trendy with absolutely adorable – and it’s simple enough for the average newbie, too.

You’ll weave a ribbon or strip of fabric into two separate three-strand braids, lifting each other up and wrapping it around the crown of your head.

For best results, use a holiday-themed ribbon or fabric – you can even grab some from your gift-wrapping supplies!

3. Christmas Tree Hair Braid

Want something a bit more fun? Maybe you have a daughter or niece with a Christmas concert coming up. This Christmas tree hair braid is utterly cute and a little more complex than the last two hairstyles.

The good news is that YouTuber Babes in Hairland will walk you through the entire process slowly. She uses pom poms at the end to “decorate” the deconstructed braid, but there’s no reason you couldn’t snuggle in a few hair crystals, red flowers, or holly berries if you want to step it up.

Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles - HER Hair by Elena

4. Rudolph Style Hair Bun

Here’s another absolutely adorable style that’s perfect for the young (or the young and whimsical at heart).

At its core, this is a simple bun surrounded by a real hair braid; you could stop there if you don’t want to add decorations. But it’s hard to resist how adorable the little Rudolph antlers are, isn’t it?

Another alternative to this one would be to weave in a bit of holly around the base of the bun instead.

5. Twist-Back Partial Updo

Long, loose hair that flows down your back inspires a mixture of Victorian beauty and boho chic – and that’s exactly what makes it so appropriate for the holidays.

This twist-back partial updo makes the most of your length (especially if you use extensions) to create an almost ethereal holiday party look. Best of all, this one looks best if it’s a little messy, so it’s perfect if you’re new to updos. Give it a shot!

6. Red Ribbon Weave

Sometimes, the real statement isn’t in the hair, but the decorative elements you add to it. Just look at this incredibly easy red ribbon partial updo tutorial and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

All you need is a brush, a holiday-themed ribbon, and an elastic. Pull half of your hair up (tease to add volume if desired first), wrap the elastic around, then tie the ribbon in place.

Done in seconds – and perfect for Christmas morning, too!

Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles - HER Hair by Elena

7. Twist-Wrapped Braid

YouTuber The Freckled Fox has the most incredibly rich, copper-toned hair, but it’s her hairstyle that really stands out, here.

This soft-twist wrapped bun side-parts the hair and then adds loose braids down either side, culminating in a flowy bun. Add pins to secure it into place, give it a quick spray, or insert a few red and green crystals for extra joyous effect. Lovely!

8. Christmas Crown Braid

This Christmas crown braid was designed for kids, but it’s anything but immature. In fact, you can update it just by leaving out the green bow and it will still look incredibly beautiful!

The tight crown braid is interlaced with a thin red ribbon, keeping hair securely in place during even the most blustery weather. It’s simple, classy, and perfect for the everyday girl on the go.

9. Holiday-ified Flower Updo

This flower updo was technically created without any holiday inspiration at all (in fact, it’s specifically for weddings). But don’t give up on it just yet; it’s just as suitable for Christmas if you switch the rose out for a poinsettia bloom.

This loose, flowy look is particularly gorgeous on people who have significant dimension or highlights throughout their hair (hey, it’s a great time for an update at the salon, anyhow).

Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles - HER Hair by Elena

10. Dutch Fishtail Braid

These Dutch fishtail braids are another nearly-effortless statement look that virtually can tackle right at home on their own. While it does demand longer hair (at least halfway down your back is best), the dual-crown fishtail braids and long, flowing tresses make it equally suitable for curly girls as well as straight.

A decorative holiday comb tucked neatly into the connection point in the back would make this look even better.

11. Basic Fishtail Braid

Don’t have time for a complex crown braid or even a whole lot of decorating? Maybe you don’t want to get up on Christmas morning and show off your bedhead.

Either way, this basic fishtail braid is for you. Just follow the simple tutorial to create a braid that looks incredible all on its own. Of course, you can always add a little decor, too!

Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles - HER Hair by Elena

12. 3-Minute Side Bun

Here’s another for the busy, unfussy, and hair newbie girls out there.

This simple low bun updo with braids takes just three minutes to put together, and it’s ideal for just about everyone – thin, thick, curly, straight – you name it.

The only catch? You’ll need a Topsy Tail tool (also known as a looped hair pull) to easily weave each piece of hair in place as you go.


As you can see, there are so many amazing Christmas hairstyles to choose from, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. It’s holiday time, which means don’t be afraid to go all out with the decorative styles. It’s the perfect time to show off that beautiful hair!

Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles - HER Hair by Elena

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