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Hair Wash and Blow Dry Services

Sometimes, the real luxury comes from the most basic self-care and maintenance strategies. That’s where Elena's hair wash and blow dry services come into play! Spend an hour with Elena for a luxurious shampoo complete with scalp massage, restorative conditioner, and full blow-dry in the style of your choice.

Every appointment with Elena is tailored to her client’s unique hair wash and blow dry needs, even if it’s just a quick shampoo to help you get your hair back on track. You can expect dedicated attention and a service filled with products that work with your hair, and help you achieve your ultimate hair goals. The number one goal is to have you walk away feeling confident, beautiful, and full of life!

Whether you’re craving a sleek, pin-straight look, a little bit of curl, or even just a great beachy wave, Elena can help you find your way. And all you need to do is make an appointment, settle in, and let the magic happen.

Treat Your Hair to a Spa Day!

There are so many fantastic reasons to take a day off from washing your hair, and have your stylist do it instead.

It’s relaxing.

Take an hour out of your busy day to lay back and be pampered by Elena. Feel your stress melt away as she gently lathers away debris and rejuvenates your scalp for healthier, more manageable hair.

It’s refreshing.

If you’ve been using a lot of products or haven’t been paying enough attention to your locks, you may have build-up or a little bit of damage. Elena’s products and technique will help restore your hair to its natural beauty and help it heal at the same time.

It will lock in your style.

Want to look your very best before you head out to an important event, an interview, or maybe even a date? Having a full-service hair wash and blow dry by a stylist ensures your lovely look is locked in place all day long.

It can help you go straight.

Struggling to get that flat-ironed, pin-straight hair you loved so much when you first got your haircut? Maybe you just have a lot of hair and a lot of curl. Either way, a good blow out by a stylist who knows what they’re doing is a super way to finally smooth things out. For some people, results can even last up to a week!

Or you can go curly, instead.

Elena works her magic with a brush and several other tools. If it’s beachy waves or large ringlets you want, a simple hair wash and blow dry can help you achieve that, too. Starting from wet hair helps to ensure your curls stay locked in for up to 24 hours or more at a time.

To look and feel more polished.

Maybe you’re growing out a short style, or you just want to mix it up but aren’t quite ready for a cut. Ask Elena to end the session with a little creative styling during your blow dry. You might just find even more to love about the hair you already have.

You don’t have a lot of time.

Busy days and busy nights leave little time for hair maintenance at home. Elena can help you restore your locks in as little as an hour, leaving you fresh and ready to take on the world. Squeeze it in on your lunch break or even first thing in the morning before work.

You value scalp and hair health.

A healthy scalp is directly related to healthy hair. During every hair wash and blow dry, Elena uses advanced techniques to stimulate your skin, increase circulation, and remove debris from around the base of the hair shaft. This sets the stage for healthy, strong new growth.

You like your hair, but you want to LOVE it.

It might be because you have build-up and debris weighing you down, or you might need a little moisture injection. Elena can help you identify the problem and figure out what’s holding you back; then, it's hair wash and blow dry to your rescue!

Hair Wash and Blow Dry, With a Little Something Extra

Does your hair need a little more than a standard shampoo and blow dry? Great news: it’s possible to add on a long list of other services during your session. Ask Elena about deep conditioning masks, clarifying cleansers, keratin packs, Fibreplex treatments, and Brazilian blowouts.

Want to go all out and transform into a beautiful butterfly of a different kind? Schedule a longer session to include creative coloring, a brand-new cut and style, balayage, foilyage, corrective coloring and more. Elena can even help you cheat the hair growth rate a little. Get luscious, long locks back in a single day with a Hair Dreams hair extensions as well as full and partial weaves.

Your hair. Your life. Your confidence. They all matter, and so do you. Make an investment in your ability to shine with shampoo and blow dry services from Elena.

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Hair Wash and Blow Dry - HER Hair by Elena

I was referred to Elena and I was nervous to try a new hairstylist. Our first consultation was an eye opening experience. She listened to my ideas and gave me her expert option. I appreciated her honestly and believe she had my hair's best interest.

She was able to take out the red dye and turn me into a blonde. I never thought I could have healthy long blonde hair before her. She is talented and very patient with me. I definitely recommend to call and book an appointment with Elena Rosas!!!

Los Angeles, CA

When I first went to Elena I had never colored my hair because there was never anyone I was able to trust with that responsibility. The first few times I went with her I just got cuts until I started to see her work. I took the chance and allowed her to do her "magic" on my hair & I am so happy that I did. I have not once been disappointed. She is 100% honest and refuses do a session on your hair that will damage your hair in one sitting.

When I first wanted my hair colored I showed her a color that was about 5x lighter than my actual hair color and she refused to do it in one sitting because it would damage my hair tremendously. I wasn't upset I was glad that she was honest because majority of stylists will do it in one session which makes hair look very unhealthy. She is unlike any stylist out there, she is an incredible woman with a whole lot of talent who knows her job better than anyone I know! I love Elena, she's the BEST!!

Santa Paula, CA

I drove an hour and a half round trip to have Elena fix some highlights-gone-awry and a haircut that I knew was off but was too afraid to be critical of it. Rome can't be built in a day but she wisely suggested a gradual route towards fixing and moving towards what I'm sure will turn out to be perfectly natural highlights and a great cut that just needs a little time to grow into itself.

If you want wonderfully natural highlighted hair, you can tell by her pictures & Instagram that she completely knows what she's doing! She's so skilled at her craft and she takes your hair seriously - both its health and color and what you're able to keep up. Go to Elena if you are looking to take your color to the next level and not just settle for what is typically offered; she does a great job!

Santa Barbara, CA