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Fibreplex Hair Treatment

Good hair is hair that stays soft, touchable, manageable, and full of body long after your salon appointment. But it isn’t always easy to achieve, especially if you color, lighten, or process your hair often. Now, you can get the look you love without sacrificing healthy hair in the process with Fibreplex from Schwarzkopf.

What is a Fibreplex Hair Treatment?

A Fibreplex hair treatment is a three-step maintenance system created by industry experts at Schwarzkopf. When added to color, gloss, or lightening processes, it prevents damage, locks in shine, and helps reverse heat damage, too.

The Magic of Fibreplex

The inner hair shaft contains disulfuric bonds; these are what gives your hair strength, shape, and movement. Damage from processing, heat, and general hair abuse can break those bonds and wear them down; this causes the hair strand to lose structure and elasticity. In severe cases, hair may even break off or split.

Fibreplex protects and repairs disulfuric bonds to restructure the hair shaft from root to tip. When added to an existing process (such as coloring or lightening), it can effectively prevent damage from occurring in the first place. But it can also be used reactively to erase and reverse damage that has already occurred.

Three Steps to Healthier Hair

Fibreplex’s unique system contains three individual steps. Each is designed to benefit and protect your hair in a slightly different way.

1. N°1 Bond Booster

Elena adds step one to an existing color, bleach, or gloss service. Fibreplex goes to work right alongside, interlinking with the bonds in your hair to create a shield against damage and harm. Hair is left stronger and more resilient.

2. N°2 Bond Sealer

After your service is complete, Elena uses the N°2 Bond Sealer to instantly re-seal the outer surface of each strand of hair. This locks bonds in place, smooths down the hair shaft, and prevents color leakage or fading, too.

3. N°2 Bond Maintainer

This step is for use at home after your service, to address serious damage, or to prevent future damage. Each time you use it, it reinforces the bonds in your hair and re-seals the hair shaft, warding off daily damage from weather, heat, and more. Your hair maintains enduring brilliance and shine over time.

Call It an Upgrade for Existing Hair Colors

Testing shows that a Fibreplex hair treatment reduces damage associated with extreme lightening by up to 94 percent. When added to color, it not only reduces damage but also locks in vibrancy and shine, too. It is far more effective than simple after treatments or deep conditioning packs alone – yet it’s one of the most affordable upgrades available.

But you don’t have to combine Fibreplex with a color or lightening service. If you already love your shade, but just want to address damage, Elena can use it separately or even combine it with deep conditioning treatments.

Is Fibreplex Right For Me?

Probably! Virtually anyone can benefit from a Fibreplex hair treatment, regardless of hair type, structure, or style. If you’re planning to visit the salon to change things up in the near future, make sure to mention it to and ask if it can be included. The small fee associated is well worth the results you’ll see when your service is complete.

Is Fibreplex the Same as Olaplex?

Yes – somewhat. Both help to restructure and strengthen bonds within your hair, but they offer slightly different benefits. For example, Olaplex is better at preventing damage when added to bleach; Fibreplex, on the other hand, is better at protecting and healing from damage associated with processes and daily heat damage.

Elena will work with you closely to decide which of these is best for your needs. Ultimately, the right choice is whichever one will net you the best results – and the answer to that depends on your needs.

Can I Apply These Steps at Home?

A Fibreplex hair treatment is highly advanced. It is designed by professionals for professionals, and that means you shouldn’t try and use it at home unless expertly approved.

The formula associated with the first two steps works quickly and effectively, but it must be applied correctly to avoid problems. If the incorrect dose or delivery style is used, it can overproteinize your hair. Elena knows how to prevent this.

The third step is much safer – in fact, it’s designed with home users in mind. Still, you should ensure you follow the instructions you are provided at all times. This will ensure that you gain the full benefit of the product at all times.

Ready for a revolution in hair health? Elena wants to help you feel fierce, confident, and happy with hair you can truly adore. Schedule a consultation now to learn how a Fibreplex hair treatment can help you restore, rejuvenate, and protect your hair. No matter how badly damaged your strands are, there’s an option to get you back on track.

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Fibreplex Hair Treatment in Ventura, CA - HER Hair by Elena

I was referred to Elena and I was nervous to try a new hairstylist. Our first consultation was an eye opening experience. She listened to my ideas and gave me her expert option. I appreciated her honestly and believe she had my hair's best interest.

She was able to take out the red dye and turn me into a blonde. I never thought I could have healthy long blonde hair before her. She is talented and very patient with me. I definitely recommend to call and book an appointment with Elena Rosas!!!

Los Angeles, CA

When I first went to Elena I had never colored my hair because there was never anyone I was able to trust with that responsibility. The first few times I went with her I just got cuts until I started to see her work. I took the chance and allowed her to do her "magic" on my hair & I am so happy that I did. I have not once been disappointed. She is 100% honest and refuses do a session on your hair that will damage your hair in one sitting.

When I first wanted my hair colored I showed her a color that was about 5x lighter than my actual hair color and she refused to do it in one sitting because it would damage my hair tremendously. I wasn't upset I was glad that she was honest because majority of stylists will do it in one session which makes hair look very unhealthy. She is unlike any stylist out there, she is an incredible woman with a whole lot of talent who knows her job better than anyone I know! I love Elena, she's the BEST!!

Santa Paula, CA

I drove an hour and a half round trip to have Elena fix some highlights-gone-awry and a haircut that I knew was off but was too afraid to be critical of it. Rome can't be built in a day but she wisely suggested a gradual route towards fixing and moving towards what I'm sure will turn out to be perfectly natural highlights and a great cut that just needs a little time to grow into itself.

If you want wonderfully natural highlighted hair, you can tell by her pictures & Instagram that she completely knows what she's doing! She's so skilled at her craft and she takes your hair seriously - both its health and color and what you're able to keep up. Go to Elena if you are looking to take your color to the next level and not just settle for what is typically offered; she does a great job!

Santa Barbara, CA