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Hair Stylist Education

Hair Stylist Education in Ventura, CA - HER Hair by Elena

Education is the Key

Knowledge doesn’t just magically appear, you have to invest in it. You have to be willing to fall in order to rise. Elena has invested not only financially in her education but also her time, heart, and soul.

She has traveled all over the world for education, from Canada, New York, to LA. She has been featured on social media platforms such as Modern Salon, American Salon, Cosmoprof Beauty, Behind the Chair (BTC), and Schwarzkopf Professional.

Elena’s intentions are to help you be the very best hair stylist you can possibly be. She wants to see you succeed and through HER hair stylist education, you will.

Elena isn’t just a great stylist – she’s an incredible teacher who believes in working hard to improve her skills and share them with the world, too. As a professional, you can benefit from this expertise and learn from Elena in person.

As Elena’s assistant, you’ll work with her side-by-side as you develop your knowledge of color therapy, learn new techniques, practice existing ones, and witness the HER philosophy in action first-hand. This instantly makes you more competitive and better able to meet the needs of your clients, too.

In fact, it’s the HER philosophy that makes working and learning alongside Elena such a dream. HER is all about growing your confidence, feeling fierce, and achieving a balance between inner and outer beauty. What better way to do that than in a supportive, caring environment with a dedicated teacher like Elena? As you grow your skills and build on what you already know, you’ll quickly reveal greater fierceness and confidence in yourself, too. Knowledge really is power!

Every stylist, regardless of level or experience, still has something to learn. This is true even for Elena herself, who is constantly updating her skills, learning about cutting-edge techniques, and discovering new ways to achieve results. This makes her an especially beneficial teacher in an industry where trends and processes can change, or even evaporate, in an instant.

Hair stylist education helps by ensuring you have in-person, one-on-one experience with strategies both old and new. Elena can help you learn how to master a new technique, like balayage, or she can help you hone your existing skills instead. Watch as she weaves color masterfully through hair, then get your hands dirty and try it yourself. Elena will be right there to guide you into becoming an expert.

The bottom line: when you participate in hair stylist education, you give your clients more in every future session. Take your services to the next level and create more value with assistant opportunities from Elena Rosas.



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My name is Leanne and I was lucky enough to have been Elena’s most recent assistant. I am so lucky to have been taught by a stylist as talented, genuine and passionate as she is. Elena is absolutely one of the most passionate people I have ever met and is always pushing herself to grow and improve- a quality of her’s which is truly infectious and keeps me striving.

While working with Elena, I learned so much about color theory, formulation, products, dealing with different clients and hair types and infinitely more. I also did a lot of social media for her, (a world I am largely unfamiliar with) which made me much more capable of planning and generating posts with appropriate captions and hashtags to coordinate with all of her content. As my own business grew, Elena helped me with structuring and building it up, teaching me how to use quickbooks and how to better manage my money. Even now that I am on my own full-time, I know that whenever I have a question I can always go to her for a very well constructed, thorough answer, even if she is busy. I know that she truly has my best interests at heart.

Elena is so much more than a teacher or employer to me. She was and still is my mentor and friend. What I didn’t expect when I started assisting her was how involved she would get in my success and building my business and my confidence. She treats all of us whom she has taken under her wing with such care and genuine interest and she always has a word of encouragement or a metaphorical kick in the butt- whatever we need at the moment! She is so supportive and generous in communicating all the knowledge that she has spent so much of her own time, money and practice to attain. I am am beyond grateful for the opportunity to assist Elena and I am becoming a better stylist and growing everyday because of her!



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elena for about 5years. She has a heart of gold and her energy is infectious. Elena is a strong, confident woman and you can just see her passion for hair! Her way of teaching comes so natural that it makes the learning process exciting and effortless. When I first started doing hair, I didnt start out by assisting anyone. I just put myself out there and went to work! Which can be difficult. A couple years into the industry I met Elena! Having Elena as a mentor, I have become so much more confident and she makes you feel like you can achieve and take on the world! No goal is unattainable. She is highly knowledgeable in hair and all color! I have learned so much not only as stylist but as person as well. In this industry it is always good to stay educated and motivated so you don’t loose your passion. When you work along aside Elena that’s something you will never lack. She is truly a genuine person who is all about uplifting and supporting other woman. If you are eager to learn and have as much love for hair as she does, you will not be disappointed. You will get all the training you need and then some with assisting her. Not only did I get the most amazing mentor, I gained a lifelong friend. I can now say I am confident than I ever could have imagined at this point in my career. In addition, I am building my business successfully thanks to the help and guidance of Elena. I could go on and on of how phenomenal she is!



I had the opportunity to assist the lovely Elena for about a year & through that year I felt I gained a lot of knowledge that touched base on every aspect of our industry. Managing her social media was one part of my job that I was able to apply to my own social media and grow my business just as I learned from her which is so important when you’re an assistant to get your name out there. I also learned that no matter how many years you have worked as a hairstylist there’s always more to learn. Elena does just that, she goes above and beyond for herself and her clients, and that’s what I admire about her the most. The way she educated me on color was a huge opportunity to have someone like her sharing her knowledge on all of the classes she had taken. Getting to experience that was something I’ll never forget. Her confidence in her work is motivating to everyone, and she not only is a great hair stylist, she also wants every other stylist to know how amazing they are. For her to have taught and shared all of this with me I know she will continue to share her ideas and thoughts on how to become a better stylist with everyone she works with. I am more confident & know that if I ever need some advice or support her arms are always open & welcoming. Love you girl!