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Creative Hair Coloring Techniques

Love to make a statement? Imagine if the color of your hair could be as vibrant, exciting, and bright as your shining personality! Now, it can – through creative hair coloring techniques from Master Colorist, Elena Rosas.

Creative hair coloring is a fashion statement – a representation of the woman who wears it. Custom selection makes it easy to find a shade or combination of tones that perfectly matches your skin and draws attention to all of your best features.

Fun & Creative Hair Coloring Techniques

You’ve seen it in magazines, on Instagram, and even in the movies: bold, creative hair coloring techniques that almost look like a work of art in their own right. Let Elena help you capture these looks with one of the following coloring options.

Daring Reds:

Bring out your inner Cheryl Blossom with a bright, highly saturated ginger. Or, tame it down and weave in some highlights to get a shade that’s a little closer to Emma Stone.

Royal Purples:

Purple is incredibly trendy. Start with a deep, rich all-over shade, or let Elena work her magic with balayage and multiple tones to achieve a masterful, fantasy-inspired look.

Galactic Greens:

Green can make blue, green, or grey eyes pop, but it’s also flexible enough to be adjusted easily. Have Elena weave in light mint highlights through icy blonde hair. Or, try forest green or teal over brown hair instead.

Brilliant Blues:

Sapphires have been prized throughout history for their beauty and shine. Elena can help you create a shimmering array of tones from azure to indigo for the perfect look.

Soft Pastels:

Not everyone is into bold, bright shades. If you’re feeling a little soft and sublime, pastels are the way to go. Ask Elena about unicorn hair or weaving in soft pinks, purples, greens, and blues.

Bold Balayage:

Balayage is best known for being subtle, but that doesn’t mean subtle is the only way. Elena combines this service with creative hair coloring techniques to make something entirely new and “you.”

High-Fashion Shades On Black:

Nothing sets off deep black or blue-black locks like a shining strip of well-placed, high-saturated color. Ask about dipped ends, blends, color melts, and oil slick hair if you’re interested.

Holographic Hair:

Sure, it might not be true "holo" – but this technique mimics the look incredibly well. By layering color on in a specific pattern, it’s possible to create movement and a chrome-like finish.

Amped Up Naturals:

Sometimes, the creativity isn’t in the shade, but in how you use it. With creative hair coloring techniques, Elena can take everyday naturals like blonde, brown, and red to the next level.

Leave It to the Hair Expert

Creative hair coloring techniques aren't for the inexperienced; it takes a skilled and practiced hand to get it just right. As a Certified Balayage Specialist, Master Colorist, and Master Stylist, you can trust Elena to complete every color service with finesse and grace. You’ll walk away with hair you can truly love. It’s all about finding a stylist you can trust.

Elena's expertise:

  • Full color
  • Balayage
  • Reverse balayage
  • Ombre/sombre
  • Color weaving

But First, Your Consultation

With Elena, every service starts with a consultation. After a little one-on-one time chatting about your hair goals, she’ll carefully inspect your hair and create a customized process path that maintains hair health.

Next, it’s time to craft a process plan that not only respects your hair, but also helps you achieve the bold and intense look you love. Elena will explain and walk you through every step before you start so you know what’s happening to your hair.

Then, all that’s left is to work the real magic and turn your hair into a masterpiece. Whether your session is simple and you’re out in under two hours, or you spend the entire day with Elena, it’ll be an experience you won’t quickly forget.

Will My Color Fade?

Maybe – but there’s a lot you can do to prevent it.

Elena uses only advanced color products with high saturation and plenty of staying power. If you choose a permanent dye, you can expect it to stay in for several months at a time. Demi-permanent and semi-permanents may wash out faster, but should still last between several weeks to a few months.

You can prevent your vibrant colors from fading by using high-quality shampoos designed for bright hair. In some cases, this may include using a color-depositing shampoo that replaces lost color. In others, it’s mostly about being gentle and avoiding harsh chemicals, such as parabens and sulfates, that strip color out.

Before you leave your session, Elena will teach you how to care for your new hair. If you do find yourself needing a touch-up, it’s easy to book back in with her for a refresh every so often. Pair it with a deep conditioning service for great results.

let’s start your complimentary consultation

Creative Hair Coloring Techniques - HER Hair by Elena

I was referred to Elena and I was nervous to try a new hairstylist. Our first consultation was an eye opening experience. She listened to my ideas and gave me her expert option. I appreciated her honestly and believe she had my hair's best interest.

She was able to take out the red dye and turn me into a blonde. I never thought I could have healthy long blonde hair before her. She is talented and very patient with me. I definitely recommend to call and book an appointment with Elena Rosas!!!

Los Angeles, CA

When I first went to Elena I had never colored my hair because there was never anyone I was able to trust with that responsibility. The first few times I went with her I just got cuts until I started to see her work. I took the chance and allowed her to do her "magic" on my hair & I am so happy that I did. I have not once been disappointed. She is 100% honest and refuses do a session on your hair that will damage your hair in one sitting.

When I first wanted my hair colored I showed her a color that was about 5x lighter than my actual hair color and she refused to do it in one sitting because it would damage my hair tremendously. I wasn't upset I was glad that she was honest because majority of stylists will do it in one session which makes hair look very unhealthy. She is unlike any stylist out there, she is an incredible woman with a whole lot of talent who knows her job better than anyone I know! I love Elena, she's the BEST!!

Santa Paula, CA

-Angie A., Santa Paula CA

I drove an hour and a half round trip to have Elena fix some highlights-gone-awry and a haircut that I knew was off but was too afraid to be critical of it. Rome can't be built in a day but she wisely suggested a gradual route towards fixing and moving towards what I'm sure will turn out to be perfectly natural highlights and a great cut that just needs a little time to grow into itself.

If you want wonderfully natural highlighted hair, you can tell by her pictures & Instagram that she completely knows what she's doing! She's so skilled at her craft and she takes your hair seriously - both its health and color and what you're able to keep up. Go to Elena if you are looking to take your color to the next level and not just settle for what is typically offered; she does a great job!

Santa Barbara, CA