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Love is in the Hair: Why I Love Hairdreams Hair Extensions

Love is in the Hair Hairdreams Hair Extensions - HER Hair by Elena

There once was a woman who had a dream… a dream in which her hair was long, flowing, thick, and voluminous like a shampoo commercial. Gone were flyaways, thin, scraggly ends, and the need to wait years for that Disney princess hair. This is a familiar dream, isn’t it? Most women wish for better hair…

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Face Framing Highlights: The Hair Trend of 2020?

Face Framing Highlights Hair Trend of 2020 - HER Hair by Elena

What’s the best way to draw attention to great bone structure or a beautiful face? If we go by current trends, the answer isn’t cosmetics or even clothing. Instead, it’s a simple, one-to-two hour hair salon service that’s popping up in more places than we’ve ever seen before: face framing highlights. Why Face Framing Highlights?…

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Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles

Joy to the World for These 12 Christmas Hairstyles - HER Hair by Elena

The holidays are upon us – and so is the season of fun and incredible Christmas hairstyles. Christmas is really a time to go all out and show off your tresses, but that isn’t always easy if you lack the know-how or just plain can’t find anything you like. If you can relate, I want…

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Balayage Highlights: What’s All the Hype About?

Balayage Highlights: What's All the Hype? - HER Hair by Elena

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island for the last couple of decades, you’ve definitely heard of balayage. Just about everyone has seen it in magazines, on television, and even just out and about on the street. Your stylist may even suggest it if you want to try a fresh new color that’s lighter…

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