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Hair Tips & Hacks

9 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

9 Effective Ways to Prevent Split Ends - HER Hair by Elena

Struggling with split ends? Nearly everyone has them occasionally, but some people seem to suffer more than others – especially if they use heat. It usually starts with just a couple… and then you find a few more, and a few more after that. Eventually, you’re shocked to discover that nearly all of your ends…

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12 Hair Hacks I’m Thankful for This Year

12 Hair Hacks I'm Thankful For This Year - HER Hair by Elena

Whether you celebrate in full force with turkey and all the trimmings, or you just appreciate a few quiet moments at some point throughout the day, one thing’s for certain… This is the best time of year to reflect on all of our incredible blessings and everything we have to be grateful for in our…

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How to Have Naturally Thicker Hair

How to Have Naturally Thicker Hair - HER Hair by Elena

Thick hair or getting thicker hair is one of the most polarizing subjects in the hair world. If you have it, you probably get complimented on it quite often. If you don’t…well, that’s probably why you’re here reading this right now, isn’t it? So let’s get the bad news out of the way: Hair thickness…

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