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5 Tips to Get Healthy Hair This Fall - HER by Elena

5 Tips to Get Healthy Hair This Fall

Hair is such an integral part of who we are as women. We cut it to free ourselves from the shackles of societal pressures, lengthen it to rock our femininity, and color it to help our outer identities match what we’re truly feeling inside.

And you know, it’s been this way for thousands of years. Even in the ancient world, women (like Queen Victoria or Cleopatra) wore elaborate, decorative hairstyles, tucked in extensions, or used rich, vibrant dyes to help themselves feel more confident, powerful, and able to express themselves.

These days, we know so much more about hair and can do so much more with it. Cut it, style it, dye it – or maybe even just use the right products to make it shine like you just stepped out of a brand-new shampoo commercial.

The problem? Seasonal shifts can wreak havoc on your hair, especially when temperatures drop in the fall.

If this is the case for you, we have some healthy hair tips to help you get your “bounce” back.

1. Let Loose Once in a While

Nothing says “busy day” like a tight ponytail or bun! The problem, though, is that wearing your hair pulled back harshly like that can cause your hair to split and break starting from the root.

This happens even more often in the fall because the cooler air and increased wind strips moisture out of the hair shaft, too.

With normal splits, you can trim them off and call it a day. You can’t really do that when the breakage starts closer to your head.

So, what’s the fix?

Let loose once in a while! Wear your hair down, keep your ponytail looser (try a scrunchie or gentle fabric band), or pin your hair up instead. Give your hair a chance to just breathe…it’ll thank you!

2. Trim Those Ends

Speaking of splits and damage…you probably have some, even if you haven’t necessarily been wearing a ponytail at all.

Summer in Cali is undeniably hot, humid, and smoggy (especially if you spent time in downtown LA), and all of these can speed how fast your hair splits at the ends.

That’s a problem because the longer you go without a trim, the higher and higher those splits travel, eventually turning into full-blown breakage or hair loss.

By the time fall rolls around, your healthy hair is already damaged, making you more likely to suffer from the negative effects of the changing seasons.

It’s just easier to trim them away before your hair breaks.

So, how often is often enough?

There’s no one right answer, because it ultimately depends on how fast your hair grows. Still, you should schedule in every eight to 12 weeks  at a minimum.

3. Deep Condition (The Right Way)

Fall’s cooler temperatures can and will strip the moisture and oils right out of your hair. This is especially true if your hair is processed or if you trend towards coarse and dry in the first place (curly girls, we’re looking at you).

If your hair has been feeling a little crispy, dull, or just hard to deal with lately, a deep condition might help. But don’t grab the closest drugstore product; most just contain parabens, sulfates and silicone, which may or may not work for your hair.

And don’t try to use professional protein packs at home unless you know what you’re doing. They’re amazing when they’re applied right, but if you use them too often or use too much, your hair can become over-keratinized. This actually causes the shaft to lose elasticity and become even dryer…not the goal!

Instead, head to your nearest salon and ask about keratin masks and gloss treatments. When applied the right way, these provide structural support to the hair shaft and almost fully restore vibrancy and shine.

No more struggling to brush out those tangles after a long day under your favorite hat!

4. Add Heat Protectants

This one’s for the ladies who love silky smooth hair or luscious curling wand ringlets…

If you’re planning on using heat throughout the fall, you should adapt your choice of styling products to add some extra protection. This is also true for winter (in fact, the colder it gets, the more of an issue you’re likely to have).

Before you break out that wand or straightener, give your hair a good spray with a decent, salon-level heat protectant. Use serums to reinject shine and add a bit of moisture back after you style. If you have curls, try a styling cream instead.

Watch your hair carefully after using these products.

5. …And Your Shampoo/Conditioner, Too!

A lot of people find that they need to switch to a lighter shampoo and conditioner in the summer because their hair produces more oil in warmer weather.

By the time fall rolls around, those products are no longer meeting their goals, leaving them feeling dry, tangly, and generally just not great.

This is actually really normal, too. In fact, it’s pretty normal to have to adjust your hair care almost as often as you adapt your cosmetics to your changing face!

Age, the seasons, environmental influences, diet, and just about everything else you can think of – including product formula changes – can make your “go-tos” less effective. You just have to switch things up!

Bonus Healthy Hair Tip

Assess your hair:

  • What’s your main problem and goal right now?
  • What is it your products aren’t doing for you?

If you’re dry, try opting for a more moisturizing formula or add on a weekly mask. If you’re actually oily (which can happen, too), lighten it up a bit instead. There’s a fix no matter what issue you have!

Have a hair problem you just can’t fix? It’s time for a day at the spa and a little pampering from your favorite stylist.

Great healthy hair should be a right; you deserve to look AND feel beautiful, empowered, and confident always!


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